Why Sony Making Cars Makes Sense

Sergio Alberto Romero, M.S.
2 min readJan 5, 2022
Photo by James Feaver on Unsplash

Sony just revealed their ambitions of a creating a car brand built around electrification as well as autonomous driving. While for some this may come as a surprise but for me, I think it makes perfect sense for Sony to enter into the car market in 2022 and beyond. Here’s why.


If there is one thing that Sony is known for outside of their movie production, music library and PlayStation brand, it’s most certainly their near monopoly on the camera market. Whether we’re talking about dedicated camera hardware or smartphone cameras, Sony has their sensors and imaging technology in various technologies across various industries. This makes sense when we start to look at the future of automobiles. Not only are we electrifying the line up but we’re also looking towards autonomous driving and overall safety features. From the rear backup camera to LiDAR detecting sensors, Sony is well equipped to equip their very own cars, with their very own sensors.


The electrification of the automobile is a very interesting convergence point of multiple industries. From implementing large battery systems and making our cars connected accessories to our lives, this will without a doubt be a huge paradigm shift. This is why it makes perfect sense for Sony to get involved in the automobile industry. After all, they’re indeed an electronics company. As a mattery of fact, along with the sensors that Sony develops, it’s not hard to realize that Sony makes the sound systems already found in our cars. Mix in processing power, display technology and a little bit of battery technology and Sony is a perfect fit for the world of electrified mobility!

Final Thoughts

Sony announcing their intention and ambitions to enter into the automobile industry is both exciting and nerve racking as a big fan of the PlayStation brand. Entering into the automobile industry could make or break this organization considering how much it would likely cost for this business to become successful. That being said, I love the thought of more tech companies entering into the world of mobility. This will tighten the playing field and force more traditional organizations to really step up their game. So, let’s cheer on all the competition in this case!

Sergio Alberto Romero, M.S.

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