Why I Suggest That You Travel

Sergio Alberto Romero, M.S.
3 min readJun 10, 2022
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While COVID-19 certainly put a “hiatus” to much of my worldly travels it’s clear to see that as of 2022, the world is starting to open up, even if that transition remains slow and ultimately tarnished by the ongoing war in Ukraine. That being said I want to talk to all of you about why I personal love traveling and why I suggest that you try to travel over the upcoming months and years!


The fact is, if you’ve stayed in the same area all your life and debatably even the same country, chances are you’re not all that open minded when it comes to culture. As much as I love my breweries and cheeses from Wisconsin, I was eventually able to discover wine and margherita pizza once I made the decision to jump over the Atlantic Ocean (figuratively of course). Culture doesn’t end with food though, you can discover new music, languages, dancing, architecture and of course just an entirely different group of people that form entire communities! Traveling a little bit will allow you to experience many more cultures than you would experience if you were to stay isolated in your own area or region.


This is a bit of a weird one if you’ve never traveled before so hear me out. One of the most confidence inspiring activities is navigating an airport without asking for assistance. No seriously, airports suck. While this overall user experience has progressively gotten better over the years thanks to ongoing digital transformations, it’s still very clear to see that navigating these complex mazes is still cumbersome. On top of that, navigating an entirely foreign country either by yourself, with a friend or perhaps a group of friends is still very beneficial to your confidence. The ultimate task would certainly to do all of this alone, but you’ll still gain confidence by being able to say that you survived being a tourist in a completely different continent!


While globalization is often touted as a new idea, I genuinely disagree. If you think about it, the world has been interacting across large spaces for centuries. That being said, whether you’re a member of academia or you’re a business professional, you’ve certainly realized by now that you end up interesting with people that come from all over the world and…



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