Why ChromeOS Should Merge With Android

Sergio Alberto Romero, M.S.
3 min readJul 3, 2022
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Before I write this article up I do want to talk about the elephant in the room here, the fact that Google actually has a third operating system not just in development but actually in the hands of consumers as we speak. Fuchsia OS is already used on Nest Hubs in 2022. That being said, I will acknowledge Fuchsia later on, but it’ll remain out of the OS competition. Now, let’s talk about why I believe that ChromeOS needs to merge with Android sooner rather than later.

Competition Is Heating Up

In terms of the software giants that care about operating systems Apple has made huge strides in making iOS a complete mobile operating system that works well on iPhones and iPads. While they haven’t quite merged iOS with MacOS they have created a lot of great connectivity between the two of them and that’s really only expected to grow over the next couple of years. As for Windows, while they don’t have a mobile operating system at play they have been working on making Windows play nicely with all sorts of hardware configurations, whether we’re talking about AMD, Intel or even Qualcomm, the future of Windows is clearly going to allow for further and further options, many in which will likely be ever smaller form factors, potentially even fully features foldables that double as a smartphone. Moral of the story is that between Apple and Microsoft, the pressure to build a powerful yet usable operating system is immense, so Google should take this seriously and build one powerful system across all platforms.


I’ve always been a big resource junkie when it comes to the world of technology. Not natural resources like silicon and precious metals but instead something more akin to human capital. When it comes to developing anything in this world, it currently takes quite a bit of human power in order to make it happen. Whether we’re talking about software developers or QA testers, the amount of human resources needed to build a first class operating system is immense which is why I believe Google needs to merge their two teams and work towards creating one powerful operating system to rule them all. Err, you know, to make consumers happy?

Final Thoughts

Sergio Alberto Romero, M.S.

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