Top 3 Highlights From The 2023 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix

Photo by Larry Teo on Unsplash

I have often times said within these articles that I hope that the next race we get to see will be even more exciting and boy was this one exciting! Not only did we get numerous hurdles our favorite drivers had to navigate but we also got a final lap shoot out amongst 4 cars and 3 teams! Without spoiling all the fun let’s go over my top 3 highlights from the 2023 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix!

Red Bulls Flounder

If you had asked me prior to this weekend who was going to win I would have have said in a disgruntled voice “Max Verstappen” but boy would that answer have been way off! Following neither Red Bull making it into Q3 during qualifying it left Red Bull out of contention for the podium places without major shake ups across the field, and even though we continued the trend of getting safety cars during the Singapore Grand Prix neither of them were all that beneficial to the Red Bull team this time around. While Red Bull was able to secure some additional points this weekend, there attempt at securing all 2023 race wins was defeated by Carlos Sainz! Who saw that one coming?

Carlos Goes For Gold!

I’m no Ferrari fan but boy was it satisfying to see literally anyone else secure first place during this wacky grand Prix! Carlos Sainz now has two grand prix wins under his belt and it seems that he is well on his way to out perform Charles Leclerc, pending some sort of rebound. That being said it was a real battle going into the last few laps as the Mercedes (My favorite team by the way) were really pushing hard with their newer and faster tires thanks to a virtual safety car giving them a great opportunity to push for a win. Needless to say Carlos Sainz was able to find off both Mercedes and Lando Norris to secure his second win of his Formula 1 career!

Russel’s Woes

There’s really no way to beat around this bush because it was fundamentally heartbreaking to watch George Russel of team Mercedes quite literally yeet his car into the wall on the final lap of the race only a few corners away from the finish line. As both Russel and Hamilton were pushing in the final stages of the race it became progressively more apparent over time that there was not enough time…

Sergio Alberto Romero, M.S.

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