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The Miami grand prix is basically the North American equivalent of Monaco. Now I know that may sound weird to some but let me explain. Where does every celebrity show up even though they have no idea what sporting event they’re actually attending? Either Monaco or Miami. Which race track looks super cool visually but generally offers pretty mundane racing in a general sense? Either Monaco or Miami. Before I keep complaining let’s go over my top three highlights from the 2023 Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix!

Max Steams Ahead

Even with a qualifying mishap forcing Max Verstappen to start in the midfield he was able to dash all the way up into first place. While this wasn’t fun to watch as a mild Checo fan, it’s hard to deny his ability to overtake very nearly the enter grid. Combining Max Verstappen and the RB19 seems like a match made in heaven. Of course other teams such as Aston Martin, Mercedes and Ferrari are attempting to fight back against the complete Red Bull Domination, but it doesn’t seem to be taking place anytime soon!

Lewis Recovers

Due to the tire strategy that put Lewis Hamilton in a position that required several overtakes in order to obtain meaningful points he had quite an uphill battle towards the later stages of the race. Now from a racing perspective this was good stuff to see simply because he steamed passed several drivers on track with only a minor assistance from the pit strategies of other teams. Seeing Lewis Hamilton making overtakes on track is not only satisfying but it makes me believe that Lewis is very much so ready for either the W14 or the W15 to put him into championship contention sooner rather than later.

Charles v Magnussen

If someone in 2022 had told me that some of the best track action was going to be between a Ferrari and a Haas well, I would have slightly believed them since Haas is no longer the joke of the backfield in Formula 1 but I still would not have had high hopes. Yet here we were in Miami watching Charles Leclerc and Magnussen go head to head on multiple occasions throughout the grand prix. Now of course Charles was eventually able to pull away in his Ferrari, though not before Max Verstappen himself got to tussle with these two on track. This was an unexpected yet incredibly exciting piece of the race!

Final Thoughts

I’ll be honest, I think the Miami Grand Prix from an “event” perspective is super cool and interesting, but, from a Formula 1 perspective, it hasn’t really delivered what I would consider “Spectacular” racing. That being said, I did enjoy this race a lot more than I had expected. Now I want to hear what all of you thought? Did you expect more of a fight from Checo? Was Max always the favorite to take the win? Share your thoughts and comments down below and don’t forget to follow for more!

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