Sebastian Vettel Retires From Formula 1

Sergio Alberto Romero, M.S.
3 min readAug 4, 2022
Photo by Ferhat Deniz Fors on Unsplash

Following a mediocre first half of the 2022 season it was revealed that Sebastian Vettel would be leaving Formula 1 all together following the 2022 season. While we all assumed that Vettel wasn’t going to be in Formula 1 for an extended period of time, it was a real shocker to see him announce his retirement out of nowhere. I was personally bummed to see the news but I also understand that Sebastian Vettel has had a wildly successful career and has done more than enough for the sport to warrant his well deserved retirement. So let’s dig into why exactly I’m sad to see Sebastian Vettel leave Formula 1.

The Legend

Sebastian Vettel entered into the Formula 1 scene originally as a backup driver for BMW Sauber. While it’s weird to think BMW had a place in Formula 1 (Even if that only really meant from a financial point of view) it’s important to acknowledge just how different this time of Formula 1 was. With their big and beautifully sounding V10’s roaring through the streets, Sebastian Vettel would eventually earn a whopping 4 world titles while driving for Redbull later on in his career, eventually making the move to Ferrari and now Aston Martin. After having a less than a successful career away from the Redbull team that had earned him numerous accolades it seems this is now the time for an exit from the sport considering that he is and always will be considered a legend. Not only becoming the youngest person to score points in Formula 1 but also the youngest world champion as well. The way he fought throughout each and every season is reason enough to consider him a champ, the world titles are really just a consolation prize!

His Stance

Without getting overly political, Sebastian Vettel grew into his own over his time within the sport. Originally, he was merely in it for the competition, which isn’t necessarily a problem, but it begged the question as to what he stood for off the track when the points weren’t at stake. While it may have taken a long time throughout his career it became abundantly clear that Sebastian had his beliefs and he was willing to stand behind them, whether that was by raising awareness towards climate change or joining arms with Lewis Hamilton and the rest of the track in order to verbally combat racism across the world, even now, as bullying…

Sergio Alberto Romero, M.S.

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