How Google Is Going To Win The Car Market Without Making A Car

Sergio Alberto Romero, M.S.
3 min readMay 14, 2022
Photo by Jeshua Deher on Unsplash

Google has without a doubt made a huge impact within the world of technology. Whether we’re talking about mobile smartphone technologies (Android) or even your desktop/laptop experiences as well (Chrome/ChromeOS) there are so many experiences that Google has developed over the years that have really shaped the industry as a whole. With that trend surely set to continue into the future I want to talk to you about why I believe Google is preparing to win the car market without ever making a car!


Cars As A Service. I’ll admit, I just made that up within the last couple of minutes so if any of the major tech companies out there want to take it, I’ll charge a lowly fee of, $5 if they’re interested. That being said, I strongly believe that cars are increasingly becoming more and more service oriented versus ownership oriented. With things like Lyft and Uber continuing to grow as well as numerous organizations testing the waters with micro-mobility based vehicle rentals it’s clear to see that there is a market out there for CAAS. All of this to say, one of the best ways to deliver a service is simply through software, something that Google is incredible at. Whether we’re talking about Android Auto, Android Automotive, Google Maps or something entirely different I strongly believe that the potential is there for Google to deliver a really interesting service to those that want to transport themselves in a car without going through all the typical hassles of doing so (Buying, insuring and any other regulation that needs to be followed around the world).


I briefly touched on Google Maps but I certainly didn’t fully explain just how powerful it really is. The fact that over 1 billion people use Google Maps is not only crazy to think about from a software distribution aspect but just think about how people used to navigate just twenty years ago? MapQuest? Atlas’? Seriously Google Maps is crazy when you think about it. That being said, with Google already infiltrating over a billion people’s navigation needs, many in which are likely cars it’s easy to see how car manufacturers are going to grow more and more reliant on Google Maps maintaining functionality within their vehicles. Putting Google Maps front and center within a car ultimately…

Sergio Alberto Romero, M.S.

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