3 Ways To Improve Your Writing

Sergio Alberto Romero, M.S.
3 min readMar 26, 2022
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While not everyone on Medium is here to write wonderful articles, (though I highly suggest you at least give it a go every once and while) I think a lot of us could benefit from some improved writing tips! Whether you’re sending an email or writing a love letter to the girl that simply “got away” here are 3 ways to improve your writing!

Read Out Loud

I know you hate having to re-read everything you just wrote/typed. You literally spend hours writing up that essay for school and now I’m expected to read it? Out loud? With my own voice?! Yes, yes you are. While I won’t be offended if you use a text to speech tool (Similar to what Medium has on offer) I do think hearing your words out loud can really help you with really foolish mistakes. Whether you messed up grammar or just completely missed an entire word, reading out loud can really help you pick up on a lot of the things you would have otherwise missed in your editing phase. Which brings us to my next tip to improve your writing!

Stop Pre-Editing

Pre-Editing is entirely something I just made up, or at least it’s something I’m not sure actually exist, if it does don’t mind my rant. That being said, what I mean by pre-editing is I mean, don’t spend your entire time sitting in front of a page editing what you wrote the day before. Try to focus on creating new content and once you finish a chapter, a page, a paragraph, hell even just one sentence, then you can go ahead and edit to your hearts content. So often have I found myself writing half a paper only for me to start editing it and failing to complete it that same day. Now it’s far from the end of the world if you do “pre-editing” but I can guarantee you that you’re going to be disrupting all those wonderful and creative juices that were initially flowing so imperfectly perfect onto that blank page! Stop pre-editing! Just write!

Do It Daily

Writing isn’t for everyone, that’s already been established, however I do think everyone should get their ideas or thoughts into text in some way shape or form. Whether that’s by talking to a friend over messages, journaling in a notebook every morning or right before bed or perhaps writing right here on Medium. Doing something daily keeps those skills and abilities fresh in your brain and body. Not to mention once you build a habit out of writing you won’t even really have to think about writing every day, you’ll just wake up and start doing it! Treat it like any other habit you do!

Final Thoughts

My writing isn’t perfect, and it likely never will be, but I do strive for perfection in my writing in hopes of becoming a better communicator, a better think tank and to be honest with you I do hope it has a positive impact on my relationships as well. These were my thoughts on how to improve your writing, now I want to hear from all of you! What do you try to do in order to improve your writing? Sound off in the comments below!



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